Bringing in the Jewish Sabbath at the Western Wall

This evening was an evening with a lot of mixed emotion for me. Every Friday at sun down the Jewish people welcome in the sabbath with prayer, singing, and dancing at the Western Wall of the old temple in Jerusalem and tonight, we joined them! Culturally I enjoyed the experience very very much. I mean there were literally thousands of people there celebrating and praying. It was like a massive pep rally for people celebrating God and waiting on the Messiah. It was fascinating watching people of all ages and from all over the world bring in the sabbath. The part that broke my heart was how they were longing for their Messiah, not recognizing that He already had come. I just kept praying, “Lord, open the eyes of their hearts to see that their Messiah (savior/rescuer) has already came!” The One they so badly are longing for, has come and they missed Him. He fulfilled every single prophecy in the Old Testament and they missed Him. Oh, how my heart breaks for my Jewish brothers and sisters tonight! Thinking of Romans 11. Thankful that I know the Messiah and He has radically impacted my life now and forever!!!



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