The Long Journey Home

As I sit here at the Tel-aviv airport, I am beyond excited to get home to hold my bride and my kids, and yet sad to say goodbye to the men who have become like brothers to me on this trip. I can not thank God enough for the 20 brothers that I got to make this pilgrimage with. Here is a picture of part of the group, I’ve got to find one of the whole group and post later.
*At some point in the next few days, I’m going to write a post summing up this life changing pilgrimage.


2 thoughts on “The Long Journey Home

  1. What a wonderful trip to be able to make. I think your Dad would have loved that opportunity of traveling and seeing the places that he had read about with jesus and the Bible. you guys have a safe trip home. Love you!!!!!!

  2. So excited to have you back! Love the relationships you have been able to make in Israel. I can’t wait to hear about these men who have been a part of this life changing trip. Hurry home now, because we are dying to get our arms around your neck!! Love you, love you 🙂

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